Now Everybody Wants to be a UI/UX Designer

Now Everybody Wants to be a UI/UX Designer

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. Your family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend(s), even your baby born! Isn’t it cool to explain what your job is to them, now in an easier and modern high tech way?

Family: “So what do you do?
Us: “I designed or made the apps on the smartphone. You know, like facebook, instagram. I made the stuff like that.”


After so many years we’ve spent thinking about how to explain our job or our major in college to our aunty and uncle!

How it was hurtful that no one understood and underestimated our job/our education with a big stigma that people’s around us assumed that our job is drawing mountains and or plants and sell it?

Moreover, we did it actually on design college in the first year hehe… Or at least we’re explained that we had created ads such as billboard or print ad but then they assumed we created pamphlets about missing dogs on the trees??

Finally… Finally, we have something to be proud of today or to be reached someday (if you are still in college).

Yes, I know…I know, we don’t have formal design education here in Indonesia with UI/UX design major specialty yet. But that’s not the point. Thanks to technology.

However, make sure that you really love and passionate about this stuff, UX & UI stuff. UI/UX is not for everyone. Just like…Logo design is not for everyone included me as well.

I will share what makes me passionate about UI/UX design rather than any other design field or conventional graphic design. Before that, let me tell you lil’ bit about my journey how I turned into UI/UX Design.

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