How to Install Google Adsense Ads in the Article Posting

Keep in mind that one way to optimize or increase / increase your adsense earnings or google adsense revenue is by placing the best ads.

No less important about the best ad placement, which places the ad that is closest to the attention of the user or reader.

How do you place ads in an article? In this case the ad that is closest to the user’s attention is the ad in the posting area.

But these tips are only suitable for content without images. If your content has an image that is exactly in the middle of the post, then the image cannot be seen because it will collide with the ad.

So the ad or image will not be seen, but only the image script will appear. This applies unless the image in your content is not located in the middle of the posting article.

So, if you want to get a lot of clicks, then you need to run a placement strategy from ad position.

In this case there are several ad placement positions that can be of concern to visitors, including placing advertisements in the blog header section, placing ads in the sidebar of the blog, placing ads under the title of the article, placing an ad at the end of the article, and placing an ad in the middle of the article posting.

Well, how do you place ads in articles?

There are many options in placing ad positions, so we can maximize it to get more Adsense income. Whereas to install the ad itself is very easy, that is by installing directly on the blog widget, and installing it on the blog template so that the ad will automatically appear on every post.

Here’s How To Put Ads In Articles Well and Right

1. Prepare the ad unit you want to install

Here you may choose 336 × 280, 300 × 250, 468 × 60 units, and the like. But as long as it’s not too big like 160 × 600 or 728 × 90. Watch this first step. If you do not understand, you can find other information about this.

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